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Tac Riley Hybrid snooker/pool cu WAC si ASI model 500

Tac Riley Hybrid snooker/pool cu WAC si ASI model 500

Cod : HD-500

Greutate: 0.5 kg

Brand: Riley England

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299,00 RON / buc

stoc epuizat



  • HYBRID is a new breed of cue technology.
  • The butt section of the cue is the new and more dynamic element of the Hybrid range
  • The Hybrid butt section is a moulded polyurethane which provides a much more controlled feel (enhanced traction control), while the softer material means there is less potential for moisture to build up on the hand during play which in effect gives the user more control. No need to keep wiping your hands during play.
  • Hybrid's unique style gives this new and exciting range dual appeal - Technological advancement with enhanced styling and feel. Feel the difference!
  • 9.5mm Tip

  • ASI GRIP SYSTEM - Anti Shock/Impact. The New Anti Shock/Impact System allows for a smoother, more controlled fee every time you strike the cue ball. With the new ASI grip, shock and impact (vibration) is significantly reduced during play.
  • There are 4 matching cases to compliment this cue
Gama/Colectie Hybrid ASI
Ce fel de tac? Tac din doua bucati
Greutate tac Medium (16.5-17.5) oz
Joint Tac snooker Spiral Joint
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