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Set extensie tac Mezz MX

Set extensie tac Mezz MX

Cod : MX-CF210/S

Greutate: 0.1 kg

Brand: Mezz

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955,00 RON / set
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The New Mezz Professional Extension Set includes 210mm (8.25in) Mezz Extention, X-Bumper and Wrench. Weighs 70 grams. 
Reach The Next Level 
For those hard to reach shots, error in accuracy and failure in shot consistency are usually caused by an unstable stance. The Mezz Pro Extension assists in providing a normal stance for accurate pocketing of hard to reach shots with precise cue ball control. With the Extension weighing 70 grams and comprised of carbon fiber and aluminum material, your stroke will not be compromised due to the additional weight of an extension. The Extension can be attached and removed swiftly to avoid interruption of your rhythm and facilitates consistent pocketing of shots that are just out of your normal reach. 
Extension Color: Black 
If your Mezz cue is already equipped with the Mezz X-Bumper, then you are ready to use the Pro Extension. 
To make cue ready for the use of the Mezz Extension: 
Unscrew the original rubber bumper on your Mezz cue 
Insert the wrench into the X-Bumper 
Place the X-Bumper into the butt cap with wrench and tighten firmly 
The Mezz Extension screws directly into the X-Bumper and is ready to use
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